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Some of my favourite things...

LotR is my favourite book. Ever. :D

BTW, The layout of this journal does not come out well in Opera 7.11!
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Thanks for telling me, I'm still in the process of working with the set-up of the journal. What were the problems with it? Can you read the writing?
The text to the left blended in with the background, and are therefore almst impossible to read. :( It's better now, but still a bit hard over the image. erhaps it would help if it was darker?
Is this layout better?
Yes, but as I said, still hard to read ver the image. :)
Easy solution: use a real browser like a normal person! ^_^
Opera is the best browser I've ever used. Each time I try to use Internet Exploder I just get very annoyed. It's so slow you can bake a cake while waiting (that's how it feels like after using Opera).