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A bit o' frustration.

I wouldn't take this post anywhere near lordoftherings, especially not right now. But seeing as how this is a book community, I should be ok.

Maybe it's just me, but it seems that I've been seeing a lot of people who've only seen the movies, and not read the books, making judgments on what should and shouldn't happen with the characters, or on why they're annoying, or terrible, or why they should just lay off some other character, or what have you. Just now it's kinda getting to me.

Maybe I'm being too posessive. Maybe I should just lighten up and let them have their opinions, and just realise that they think this way because they just don't know. But when people who know the books explain to them the reasons behind things, reasons that aren't explained in the movies, and they still maintain that Eowyn should just shut up and stop trying to steal Aragorn from Arwen, it gets annoying.

Maybe I'm just frustrated by what seems to be happening in the fan communities, that people who were fans of the book first are being pushed into the background and told to quiet down to make room for the people who want to go on about how "OMG Legalas (sic) is SO HOT!!!1!!" or "LOTR is so kewl I've seen it fifty times and I totally love Arwen" or "I cant wait for LOTR3". I can live with most of the stuff in the movie, and even thought I do realise why it was done, I know the reasons for it and all that, I think that complaints against Liv Tyler's placement in billing and Arwen's expanded role are perfectly valid, whether I agree with all of them or not.

Maybe I'm just being bitter and posessive. Maybe I'm overreacting.
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